Popular line of e-liquids given packaging update for more upscale appeal.

Moorpark, CA (February, 2019) – Phillips & King is pleased to announce that VooDoo, their most successful proprietary vapor brand, is starting the new year with a new look. The entire line will be outfitted in fresh, modern packaging designed to unify the brand and products and provide customers with a more intuitive experience. The packaging update visually matches compatible products, so the entire system of e-liquids and vaporizers are simple to understand, merchandise, and purchase, offering benefit to both Phillips & King’s retail customers and their end customers.

The minimalist look and feel of VooDoo’s new packaging is also designed to help the product stand out on-shelf amongst its competitors, elevating the value-based brand to catch the eyes of a more mature, upscale audience. VooDoo vaporizers and e-liquids have long been favorites of consumers for their very affordable and easy-to-use devices. These packaging updates will not affect the actual VooDoo product, which will continue to provide consistent, flavorful enjoyment with concentrated high-quality ingredients and innovative technologies.

“We’re really just trying to offer our customers a top-notch experience,” says Steve Davidson, Brand Manager at Phillips & King. “The market is maturing, the VooDoo brand is growing up. We want to broaden its appeal at a higher level- one that really reflects the quality of the product. And if we can better help our customers understand the product- how to merchandise it and how to use it, then this design update is a big success.”

The VooDoo product line includes:
• Meta Series Vaporizers and Tank Systems
• Omni Series 3-in-1 devices for herb, wax and oils
• 12 flavors of e-liquids

VooDoo products are available for wholesale purchase through Phillips and King. For more information about VooDoo and other products sold through Phillips & King, please visit www.phillipsandking.com.
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