Flavor intense brand features TFN® Nicotine

Moorpark, CA, November 2016– Crafted with the revolutionary TFN® synthetic nicotine, KLIR Vapor Liquids promises a new level of pure flavor for vapors. This innovative line is the latest release from Ventura Vapor, and is quickly gaining in popularity, earning rave reviews from Spinfuel eMagazine and winning their Spinfuel Choice Award for the Absolute PB&J flavor.

The KLIR Vapor Liquid line offers three unique flavor profiles Absolute PB&J (Strawberry PB&J), Fresh Fruit (Melon-Berry-Mango) and Pure Pie (Fresh Apple Pie), which will be available in 0mg, 3mg or 6mg nicotine strengths. In addition to the intensely pure flavors made possible through TFN®, KLIR is available in 30ml & 60ml bottles, providing a wider range of options for retail and online stores to select and stock for their customers.

Developed by Next Generation Labs, TFN® Nicotine is the world’s first and only synthetic molecular nicotine for the vape market that is not derived from tobacco. E-liquids that use TFN® benefit from a virtually odorless and tasteless nicotine, which creates richer and stronger flavors for consumers, without compromising on nicotine satisfaction.

Steve Davidson, Marketing Specialist at Ventura Vapor, comments, “Klir Vapor Liquid is a refreshingly original brand, from its sleek, understated look to its amazing flavor options. We are proud to be joining the TFN family and believe that Klir will stand out in the market, not only as a TFN product, but for giving customers an absolutely fresh and unrivaled flavor experience.”

KLIR Vapor Liquid is available for purchase from Phillips and King International, vaperev.com, and will soon be available through additional online retailers and brick and mortar locations.
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About Ventura Vapor

Ventura Vapor is a manufacturer and distributor of premium e-liquid brands. They have a portfolio of proprietary brands including KLIR Vapor Liquid, American Craft E-Liquid, Spellbound Premium E-Liquid and Liquid Zoo. Ventura Vapor is a subsidiary of Phillips and King International with a primary focus on developing best in class vapor products. Phillips and King services thousands of shops in all 50 states, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico and globally to US military bases. The company distributes 21,000 SKUs warehoused in a 150,000 sq. ft. semi-automated facility. For more information on KLIR Liquids or Ventura Vapor please visit VenturaVapor.com or follow us on Instagram @venturavapor. For orders or inquiries please contact salesinfo@pkcigar.com or call 1 (800)-532-4427.