(April 2018) Known for bringing high quality, profit-growing products to the retail marketplace, Kretek International, Inc., the United States’ largest importer, marketer, and distributor of specialty tobacco products, is expanding its offering in Canada, becoming the exclusive distributor of luxury cigarmaker, Gurkha.

With a legendary past and modern reputation for exceptional tobacco blends and premium quality cigars, Gurkha has been a natural fit for United States distribution through Kretek’s subsidiary, Phillips & King. Enjoying much success in the US via Phillips & King, Gurkha will benefit from Kretek International Canada’s strong channels and relationships in the Canadian market.

As part of the agreement, Kretek International Canada will be responsible for sales and distribution of the brand’s top-selling premium cigars, such as Grand Reserve, Cellar Reserve, Seduction, Ghost, Mast Select, and more. Kretek’s sales force will be working closely with Gurkha to increase the availability of Gurkha cigars throughout Canada and increasing their brand awareness through special events and promotions.

“I’m excited about this new partnership between Gurkha and Kretek International, Inc.” says Nicholas Brum, General Manager of Kretek International Canada. “I’ve watched the success of Gurkha cigars in the U.S. market through Phillips and King for many years, and know that it’s just the right product for our distribution channels in Canada as well. I’m looking forward to expanding their reach and growing their brand with the expertise and support of Kretek International Canada.”

“Canadians represent the largest percentage of non-U.S. citizens vacationing in the United States. As a result of these travels, Canadians are asking their local retailers to carry more Gurkha cigars,” said Kaizad Hansotia, CEO of Gurkha Cigars. “We decided that we needed to have a larger sales effort in Canada. Gurkha only parners with the best, and Kretek is both highly respected and highly efficient. They will be key to the expansion of Gurkha nation.”
For more information about Gurkha products being distributed through Kretek International Canada. and Phillips & King, please visit www.kretek.ca.
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About Kretek International, Inc Kretek International Canada was founded in 2000, as a branch of Kretek International, Inc, which is the United States’ number one importer, marketer, and distributor of specialty tobacco products to convenience, mass, and national retailers. For over 30 years, Kretek has enjoyed a strong reputation for providing exceptional customer relationships and top quality goods. Kretek International Canada has followed in the path of its parent company, offering the same outstanding service and specialty tobacco products to the Canadian market.
About Gurkha Cigars Gurkha Cigars are…[Shanda to provide info, please]