A new division of Phillips & King International offers retailers a path to new category growth.

Phillips and King is pleased to announce the launch of PK>FWD. A new division of Phillips & King focused on curating and distributing top-selling alternative smoking accessories for the forward-thinking retailer.

PK>FWD was created to address the evolution of the tobacco industry, offering forward-thinking progressive retailers a go-to destination for top-quality alternative accessories and products. The new website and buying guide is designed to specifically service headshops and smoke shops, but PK>FWD was also developed for the traditional tobacconists looking to grow their business into these profitable new categories. Phillips and King has an exceptional reputation for success, and with PK>FWD, they can help their customers minimize the risks of entering new markets by curating the right inventory to support business growth and increased profits.

“Phillips and King has been in the tobacconist business for over 110 years, and specifically servicing the headshop and smoke shop categories for over 10 years” says Sergio Montolfo, General Manager of Phillips and King. “We have a long history of being THE company people turn to for quality offerings and industry insights. We know what sources to turn to, what products to sell, and what items are in demand at the consumer level. We’ve seen the alternative category grow exponentially over the last ten years, and are pleased to be on the forefront of the continued evolution with our new category-specific buying guide and website. We are making a significant marketing and sales push within our company to support the alternative categories, and to help our customers grow their businesses using our expertise and incredible selection of products they can count on.”
With a catalog of over 21,000 items, PK>FWD is the leading distributor and a go-to destination for buyers of headshops and counter-culture retailers, as well as tobacconists looking to explore the alternative accessories category. Presenting the largest inventory across the country, the PK>FWD website and Buying Guide will offer top-sellers from brands like Formula420, PAX, Greenhouse, Chong’s Choice, Raw, Prima, Cornerstone Class, GRAV Labs, and White Rhino. The large selection of products appeal to diverse customer bases, featuring everything from high-quality glass and vaporizers, like the
newly available Firefly 2, to everyday accessories like rolling papers, grinders, storage, and humidification.
“We are constantly evaluating our product portfolio,” says Jason Carignan, CMO of Kretek, parent company of Phillips and King, “making sure that we are presenting items that are interesting, eye-catching, and useful to our customers- and to our customer’s customers. PK>FWD makes it simple for progressive-minded retailers to find and sell items that will make a difference to their bottom line, in both traditional sectors and new markets. It is the next evolution of our business. And of our customers’ businesses.”
In addition to being a well-trusted one-stop shop, PK>FWD also offers exceptional personal service with online ordering capabilities, same-day, free shipping on qualifying orders, and over 50 dedicated salespeople at the ready to assist with product orders and suggestions. New accounts can call 1-800-532-4427, and may also be eligible for a new customer discount. For more details, please visit www.pkfwd.com.
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About Phillips and King International
Phillips and King International is the leading distributor of specialty tobacco, vapor, and alternative smoking products and accessories in the United States. Since 1906, the family-owned company has built a strong reputation by focusing on independent brick-and-mortar shops, priding itself on offering top products and the best service to their customers. Their highly experienced sales staff works with thousands of shops in all 50 states, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and globally to US military bases. The company distributes over 21,000 SKUs, warehoused in a 150,000 sq. ft. semi-automated facility. In addition, they have a portfolio of proprietary brands including Ventura Vapor, Greenhouse, EZ Cig, FasFil, and more. Phillips and King also distributes the Price Kutter, a monthly buying guide that outlines best-selling products, deals, and information for the tobacco and tobacco-related industry. For more information, please visit phillipsandking.com.