Coming soon! A flavorful, natural, and easy way to wrap a blunt.

Phillips & King, is pleased to announce the arrival of High Tea Herbal Wraps. The High Tea Herbal Wraps are crafted from mate teas, blending them with rich hemp and cacao for strength and texture. These flavorful wraps were especially developed for people looking to remove or omit the tobacco element from their cannabis smoking experience, and retain a flavorful, satisfying alternative to traditional wraps.

“Blunt wraps have been extremely popular for a long time out of necessity. As the number of cannabis consumers continues to grow, the variety of preferences is widening. People want a cleaner smoke. It’s interesting to see how these changes affect the modernizations found in the auxiliary market,” remarks Brittny Peloquin, Brand Manager of High Tea Herbal Wraps. “High Tea Herbal Wraps are so much easier to use than some other products in this category because of the self-rolling design. They’re destined to be an instant consumer, and retailer, favorite.”

Launched first in Canada, this innovative product will be making its stateside debut at TPE 2018, the industry’s first big buying show of the year, occurring Jan 31-Feb 1, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The wraps are available in 4 broadly-appealing flavors which are proven favorites in the wrap category:
• Mad Melon: refreshing watermelon
• Mango Dream: rich and tropical
• Juicy Grape: classic tart fruit
• Royal Sweet: a hint of sweetness

“TPE 2018 is a great place to launch a product like this,” says Peloquin. “Many buyers will be attending the show, seeking herbal wraps or other solutions to offer customers looking for a more natural experience, or one without a nicotine buzz. We’ll be handing out High Tea Herbal Wraps packets to everyone who comes by our booth, so they can check out the product, then place an order to bring it into their stores.”
High Tea Herbal Wraps are designed to make a splash at the retail level, attracting sales and profits for retailers. The product will stand out on shelf, with its eye-catching, modern packaging and sleek display piece that holds all 4 flavors. It also offers top value to customers, with flavor that lasts throughout the whole smoke, and 5 wraps included in the resealable pouch, while competitors offer fewer wraps per package. This innovative new product will be available through both of Phillips & King’s monthly product publications, the Price Kutter and the PK>FWD.

High Tea Herbal Wraps has a suggested retail price of $2.49 per pouch. For more details, please visit or visit the Phillips & King and PK>FWD booth 3043 at TPE 2018, from Jan 31-Feb 1, 2018, and be one of the first to explore and experience the product firsthand.
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