(March 2017) In July of 2016, Ventura Cigar Company unveiled a new sub-brand, called Archetype. Cigar aficionados and the media industry took immediate note. Inspired by the universal characters of the mythological hero’s journey, the artfully crafted cigars began acquiring honors almost immediately, earning multiple 90+ ratings from Cigar & Spirits Magazine and industry blogs. Seven months later, Archetype cigars are still gathering accolades, giving the line legendary status within its first year of existence. The following is a list of top ratings and awards that Archetype cigars have received to date:

Archetype Cigars
• Best new brand for 2017, as awarded by industry judges at the recent Tobacco Plus Expo Archetype Axis Mundi
• #6 Cigar of 2016 by Cigar & Spirits Magazine
• 96 Rating from Cigar & Spirits Magazine

Delivers rich, full-bodied flavor with complex layers of spice, dried figs, maple syrup, and charred oak.

Available in Churchill 7.00 x 48, Toro 6.00 x 52, and Robusto 5.00 x 54, and Corona 5.00 x 46

Archetype Dreamstate
• 91 Rating from
• 90 Rating from Cigar Snob
• 95 Rating from Cigar & Spirits Magazine
A smooth, mild-to-medium-bodied cigar with a complex bouquet of fruit, vanilla, and white pepper.
Available in Churchill 7.00 x 48, Toro 6.00 x 50, and Robusto 5.00 x 52

Archetype Strange Passage
• 93 Rating from Cigar & Spirits Magazine
• 91 Rating from Blind Man’s Puff
Offers full-bodied flavor that transforms throughout the smoking experience, beginning with a freshly roasted coffee and aged wood profile to an earthy fruit and spice finish.
Available in Gordo 6.00 x 60, Short Robusto 4.50 x 50, and Robusto 5.50 x 54

Archetype Sage Advice
• 92 Rating from Cigar & Spirits Magazine
A fusion of seven prized tobaccos blended to create a medium-to-full-bodied smoking experience with the essences of leather, dried fruit, and spice.
Available in Toro 6.00 x 52, Robusto 5.25 x 54, and Gordo 6.00 x 60

The Archetype Cigar collection continues the Ventura Cigar tradition of excellence with a full line of five premium cigar blends. Each gives a distinctive nod to elements of the “The Hero’s Journey,” as an
interpretation of the work from Dr. Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, who defined archetypes as the repeating characters that occur in the myths and dreams of all people and cultures.

These unique blends offer a highly complex, yet perfectly balanced experience. Crafted with rich, flavorful tobaccos, carefully bound in a pristine wrapper, Archetype Cigars inspire the smoker to enjoy a protagonist’s journey of their own with mesmerizing taste and visual appeal.

“We are really pleased that Archetype Cigars have been so well-received,” says Jason Carignan, CMO of Kretek, parent company of Ventura Cigar Company. “With this collection, much thought and effort were poured into creating a unique experience for the smoker- from the tobacco blends and curated flavors, to the design of the packaging and references to transcendental legend. We hope the collection continues to gain traction as people discover what this brand has to offer.”
The award-winning Archetype Cigars are available at top-level tobacconist stores, both online and on-shelf. For more information about the different blends and where to find them, please visit
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About Ventura Cigar Company

Ventura Cigar Company (VCC) is a boutique cigar brand born in sunny southern California that is on a mission to create memorable, complex cigar blends that excite the senses and reward discriminating palates. Their flagship brands include Case Study, PSyKo SEVEN and Archetype, the latter of which offer multiple award-winning blends that have earned 90+ ratings in Cigar Aficionado, Cigar & Spirits, and Cigar Snob. Other popular VCC brands include the 91-rated Project 805 featuring rare Andullo tobacco, Estilo Cubano, Pura Sangre, and the flavor-infused Pacific Twyst. Ventura Cigar Company also distributes the 4th Generation and Comoy’s of London brand of pipe tobacco products, extending its reach and tradition of offering top-quality tobacconist products. Pipes and blends under these brands are cultivated through generations of craftsmanship, making them longtime favorites of pipe tobacco enthusiasts